HIV Miami, Works for Me!

The Miami New Times is angry at Gov. Rick Scott, this time for causing HIV rates to maintain their high infection levels. The Department of Health is strapped, and workers of that agency and the Department of Education are given awful administrative instruction concerning the message of the respective bodies they serve (the people! But especially, the children!).

Since learning about Fidel Castro’s death, the national and (more concerning) Miami’s local news propped the idea that ol’ Fidel wasn’t all that bad cos Cuba has 100% rates of education (at all levels) and everyone has health care!

Miami has a majority Cuban population and within that, let’s venture to guess that there are more post-Mariel ex-pats than original exiles. That would mean that Cuba’s best and brightest have loved socialism so much, that they risk the perils of the Florida Straights for their “fair share” of Medicaid and welfare benefits here. Add to that the notion that the Cuban education and health care systems encouraged Cubans to fuck without condoms. Cos without people, how was Fidel’s revolution going to live on?

Ianelli (this Times piece’s author) says, look, school is failing our kids because school is telling kids, “Don’t fuck!” and that is a preposterous message for kids! Then Ianelli is offended that the Health Department is being told not to manage the health condition of people that are fucking with great frivolity!

The moral of Ianelli’s story: yes we need government, but Rick Scott is doing it wrong! We need MORE government! But in particular, one with no Rick Scott at its helm!

By the way, what are the breakdowns of this HIV study by Miami-Dade neighborhood, cos I’m confident the highest concentrations may be found in, say, the South Beach region of the county.