Resting before their next slobber-fest on each other

from Instagram:

Pope Francis urges guns to be ‘still forever’ in Syria amid Christmas celebrations — RT News

To paraphrase the headline, Pope says guns should be “forever.”

George Michael, pop superstar, dies at 53 – the guardian

Did he wake somebody up before he went went?

Carrie Fisher Heart Attack: ‘Star Wars’ Actress Hospitalized in L.A. | Variety

Fake news. Everyone knows Star Wars actors only die (or come close to dying) on set.

Tiger n Trump…

…teeing at the links today. Early reaction:

The Right Has Its Own Version of Political Correctness. It’s Just as Stifling. | Cato Institute

Fuck America! Or praise America! Either way, you’re right. The company you keep when embracing either phrase is your tell-tale. Unless taxes or rules enforcement become involved. THEN you have to associate with people you may find distasteful.


…of the biggest asshole in my neighborhood award! Congrats, pre-pubescent, non-taxpayer that ruins every bus you ride!